In the millions of articles written so far I have long read about story- telling, story-scaping, story-showing, story-narratives, many more namesake storytelling forms & new forms of STORYTELLING was never considered such an important tool in business and education ever than is in the last 5–7 years. Specifically in Branding : Brand Storytelling, Brand Narratives etc …

Lets talk about BRAND NARRATIVES & how narratives are not Mythic stories

What is a Brand Narrative? Every story narrative is about a character dealing with an obstacle to achieve some important goal.

It’s a narration, a viscerally authentic story and NOT a…

This is a purchased Illustration with credit to illustrator nuvolanevicata


You must have heard this statement from many , “If you do not love yourself , how can you expect others to love you?”

The Self-Love movement is at its highest & rightest best. With gurus, healers, therapists, psychologists, authors, counsellors, career coaches, all preaching self-love & they in doing so are absolutely right. If there is one thing, that you can gift yourself is SELF-LOVE. But what is SELF-LOVE actually. In this article I am sharing from my own experience. …

Why something goes VIRAL & other doesn’t?

With no mention of the word “Chocolate” even once, the Cadbury GORILLA ad was totally contagious, & had the viral gene & this advert pulled a lot of attention & accolades. The background score of Phil Collins “In the air Tonight” begins and the camera shows a close up of a seemingly real gorilla, & then slowly the camera pulls back to reveal a man in a monkey suit sitting behind a drum set & as the song progresses the gorilla starts drumming. The ad was so much followed that its spoofs were created with mock gorilla and remixed music.

Brands Don’t Forget the TACTILE PHYSICAL world while Marketing

Brands, which are making it big to connect with people, are not only on Digital, but they are artfully collaborating between the offline and online worlds. The digital age that we are in, I agree that people consume content on digital screens but as humans we are hardwired for TACTILE experiences and we always crave for that. This longing for in person real offline experience will always rule. Smart brands are intelligently crafting their strategies to blend the digital and tactual worlds.

I always have been a huge fan of ambient…

At times you can’t ignore certain striking changes happening around you. Half of Indian cricket team is with beard. You see make models in advertisements with beards, you gang up with your friends, the make friends have beards, you visit your cousin he takes more time to get ready, his table is lined up with all beard styling products beard wax, bear softener, beard balm. Then you see the front page newspaper ad, of Pan Parag with Pierce Bronson then another news headline beard grooming industry has reached 100 cores. Then you hear about events such as “Movember”, No shave…

Nitika Sharma

Founder of YodatheResolute a socio-cultural marketing agency. Work at the intersection of disciplines sociology, psychology, behavioural science, marketing.

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